Yesterday, I thought of testing my Arch Linux system's audio and turns out, I didn't even install it yet! 😒

Well, thanks to ArchWiki, it was simple enough to install to make the audio work on my old laptop. Just install the following packages:

pacman -S alsa-firmware alsa-lib alsa-utils

Reboot the system once you're done installing the packages. Depending on your window manager, you should be able to see your sound icon being active.

Bonus: Bash script to control your volume from the terminal

In my current laptop, I still haven't mapped out the keys to control the audio volume, so I thought of writing a small method in my .bashrc file, so that I can control it from my terminal.

Open your favorite text editor and Add this method in your .bashrc file:

# simple volume control
    if [ $1 == 'up' ]
        amixer set Master $x%+ &> /dev/null
    elif [ $1 == 'down' ]
        amixer set Master $x%- &> /dev/null
    elif [ $1 == 'toggle' ]
        amixer set Master toggle &> /dev/null

Save the file, close your edit and refresh your file by typing:

source .bashrc

Now, it should work when you type any of these commands:

volume up
volume down
volume toggle

Hope this tiny script helps you out!