On November 2020, GitHub had announced that they would no longer accept basic username/password to authenticate git commits and it would be deprecated by Mid 2021.

Instead, they recommend you to authenticate your git commits using a Personal Access Token from your GitHub account.

Generate a personal access token

  1. Unset your credentials from your remote repository: git config --local --unset credential.helper
  2. Login to your GitHub account and go to Settings
  3. Then navigate to Developer Settings -> Personal Access Tokens
  4. Click on Generate new token
  5. Give a name to your Personal Access Token and the necessary permissions required.
  6. Once done, hit on Generate token
  7. The token will be shown once, so make sure to copy it and store it somewhere that you can remember.

Update your remote repository

Once you've generated a token, you just have to update your remote repository by following the below steps:

1. Update remote repository URL

git remote set-url origin https://<your_access_token>@github.com/<your_git_repo_url>

2. Just git pull once

Now, just perform git pull operation once and you should be good:

git pull https://<your_access_token>@github.com/<your_git_repo_url>

Hope this helps you out!