Are you new to using Git? Then this is for you.

1. Set up a Git account

Go to GitHub and create your account with your email address.

2. Create a repository

Just create a new project with whatever you wanted. For this, you can just create git-starter-repo or something like that.

3. Initialize git in your project directory

Now, go to your project directory and initialize git by doing the following:

git init

4. Add your files

Add your files to the repository by doing the following:

git add .

Or if you want add selected files:

git add file_1 file_2

5. Commit your changes

Before you push your changes, you need to write a message about what changes are done:

git commit -m "this is my first commit"

6. Link your project to the repo

Do the following to link your project to the repo that you've created in step 1:

git remote add origin

7. Push changes

You can decide which branch you wanted to push but initially, you'll have one branch, which is called master:

git push -u origin master

Or if you have an existing branch, just replace master with yourbranchname.

Hope that helps you out!