Using default function parameters in Internet Explorer

Published on June 3rd, 2020

Today, I wrote a simple method that fetches images from the database via AJAX and also, I defined an empty object as a default parameter:

function fetchImages(obj={}){
    // some code here...


The default obj parameter would contain extra parameters like id, slug and page, which would be then used to fetch a particular group of images, else, it'll fetch a random set of images.

This method worked fine in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox but not in Internet Explorer. I thought of inspecting the code and I was facing weird errors like undefined or Expected: ')' on the IE console.

Luckily, I had compared it to the other methods that didn't have any default parameters, so I did a little research and turns out that according to Mozilla's documentation, default function parameters are proposed by the ES6 syntax and at this point, I realized that Internet Explorer doesn't support ES6 syntax. What a bummer! 😒

However, there's a way to prevent this from happening by rewriting the method like this:

function fetchImages(obj){
    // Check if obj is defined, else make it assign it as an empty object.
    var data = obj || {};

    // some code here...

And BAM! The method worked flawlessly just as it's intended to do so. 😎

Addtionally, you may refer to the ECMAScript 6 Compatibility table that you might find it quite helpful to check browser compatiblity for Internet Explorer versions 11 and under.