I have been reading a lot of articles and blogs than writing these days, thanks to my hectic schedule, I barely get the time to work on my blog.

Initially, I thought of porting my blog to Django or Hugo but I decided to tune up my blog engine by adding new features like Tags/Categories and Archives, optimizing the time-taken to convert Markdown to HTML files and making it more flexible for the future.

Also, I revamped the entire blog's layout by writing a new theme and making it a bit more responsive than it previously was. However, I retained the colors and the fonts used. Thank you Rasmus for the amazing Inter font ❤.

Still got some work to do

Yes, new layout and all but there's still few left in pending and hopefully, I'd complete it by the end of July 2022. But here's what's left:

  • Thanks to Simon Willison's Blog, I took the idea of Blogmarks and it's basically a collection of articles and quotes that I find interesting and would share it here.
  • Planning to move all project/widget based posts to a section called "Projects", which would also have a different layout.
  • Book reviews and a new resume template
  • Dark theme with a better color palette (I wasn't happy with the color scheme that I wrote previously.)

Wait, where's megacolorboy?

For the time being, I thought of removing my username "megacolorboy" from the Masthead for the sake of professionalism and hey, I ain't a kid no more, so time to grow up, you know?

I'd like to thank my beautiful wife for letting me work on my passion even though it might annoy her at times, I love her for that ❤!

Hope you like the new makeover!