I know, it's been a while since my last article and this time, I felt that I wanted to talk about something different. For a change, I was going through some folders of my old, unused projects and I thought of improvising them and mash all of those projects into a virtual smartwatch! So, start exploring it!

I'd like to share one of my favorite quotes:

"I'm personally convinced that computer science has a lot in common with physics. Both are about how the world works at a rather fundamental level. The difference, of course, is that while in physics you're supposed to figure out how the world is made up, in computer science you create the world. Within the confines of the computer, you're the creator. You get to ultimately control everything that happens. If you're good enough, you can be God. On a small scale." — Linus Torvalds in The Beauty of Programming

Sometimes when working with huge complex systems, useless error messages, unusually long SQL queries or an abominable APIs, I forget why I enjoy computer science. Every once in a while, reading a quote like the one above, would put me back in the right direction.

I know this might sound a bit cheesy but back in my childhood days, I liked watching Dexter's Laboratory and the idea that Dexter had a secret lab and he was able to build robots and gadgets was one of those things that I found really fascinating as a child.

The reason I chose Computer Science in the first place was to be able to build my own things from scratch. Whenever I had an "itch to scratch", I would require nothing but my mind, my favorite text editor (Sublime Text), a Terminal and turn up some good classical music like Mozart or Beethoven and start building from scratch.

The ability to start with an empty page in your text editor or IDE and wind up building something that works (despite, a lot of trial and error) is so gratifying in ways that's difficult to explain to anyone who's never built it.

Virtual Smartwatch:

  • Press the Power button to ON/OFF Device.
  • Swipe left or right to switch between applications.
Uhh yeah, it's somewhat identical to Apple Watch

For those of you who know how to program, you can understand that there's nothing like having a "thrill" of being able to build anything that your mind can think of. And for those who are learning or yet to learn, it will come out but you'll just have to explore further. Maybe it's that tiny feeling of accomplishment provided that you're able to explain to other people about how the whole thing works or perhaps, maybe I'm just too immature enough to work with other people's code.

Although, sometimes, I've felt the need to spend more time working on solving "useful" problems during my free time as time passes by, building tiny projects like these allow me to refresh my knowledge. It also applies very well to projects that I did to learn something. My previous projects like Sudoku and Pong are some of the examples. Small, self-contained, visually interactive projects that I built just for fun.

Hope you guys liked reading this article!

Adios Amigo!