Published on May 29th, 2020


Launched a microblog site

A tiny experiment to see how it could improve my writing productivity.

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Ever since I've been working from home (due to COVID19 pandemic), I hardly find time to write any posts on my blog and I felt that it was counter-productive whenever I wanted to start a new one after a long time.

And then, I came across this trend of TIL a.k.a Today I Learned on GitHub and one of my favorite ones is written by Josh Branchaud.

What is this about?

Unlike writing long articles, which takes a lot of time, I believe that by having a microblog and writing short articles could help improve my productivity in writing.

So, I thought of sharing whatever I have learned on a day-to-day basis and accumulate this knowledge in a "repository" where anyone could learn from, thus is why I started this microblog. Besides, as of writing this article, I wrote 25 short articles in a month.

What kind of articles can we expect?

It'd be wonderful to say that I can talk about anything over here but currently, I'm restricting it to Computer Science, Mathematics, Software Engineering and Digital Design.

So what about your main blog?

Oh, I'm not ignoring it! The main blog will be there but now that I have segregated it, it'll allow me to take some time to plan and write content-heavy articles. There'll be more articles coming in a few months time.

Click here to view my microblog and let me know what you think about it! 😄

Stay tuned for more!