To those who haven't been following me a lot, I used to build games on Unity 3D and build desktop applications on .NET and C# during my university days.

Ever since I discovered PHP and Laravel, I never went back to .NET and now after taking a look at the Fortune benchmarks for .NET Core 6 vs Laravel, I decided to take some time out to learn it again.

I started two weeks ago and the learning curve seemed quite familiar due to previous development experiences. I don't know if it's me but I felt like Laravel might have borrowed a few concepts from .NET Core Framework but hey, everyone needs some sort of inspiration, right?

Unlike .NET, Laravel is usually and still is a "batteries included" type of framework and that helps you get the job done. However, from what I have researched, applications built on .NET seems to be more performant than applications built on Laravel.

So, what's the current progress?

Well, I haven't touched the ASP.MVC part yet as I'm geting myself familiar with the coding conventions, static typing (yes, it does take sometime to get used to) by writing some test console-based applications and solving Project Euler problems.

Hopefully, I'll be able to share about what I have learnt using the framework on this blog by either building new applications or rewriting some of my Laravel projects.

Stay tuned for more!