Published on October 14th, 2017


New feature: Share your reaction

Rolled out a new feature to collect emotional intelligence, which would help me to make better blog posts in the future.

1 minute read

Last night, I was thinking on how to improve my blog posts and post better articles. My head went through questions like:

But, in order to do that, I'll require some simple analytics on how people react to my articles on my blog. Taking inspiration from web applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Medium, I decided to build a small feature named "Share your reaction", from scratch, that would contain six different emotions.

The six different emotions used in this new feature

From today onwards, you can start reacting to my blog posts by clicking the "React!" button (which can be found below every article), select an emotion and help me improve and post better articles in my blog in the future.

In case, you're wondering, the data that is collected is completely anonymous as I'm not collecting any IP address or any of your private and sensitive information.

Hope you guys like the new feature!