Last year, around this time, I was working from home due to the COVID-19 restrictions placed by the UAE Government.

During this time, I noticed that I ran out of ideas for my blog and didn't even get time to maintain it for a long time.

Then, I came across Josh Branchaud's TIL collection, which inspired me to start my own TIL section in my blog. At first, I had the idea of merging it with my main blog but then, I thought of keeping it separate and well, fast-forward to a year now, it's been one of the most productive platforms for writing short articles based on whatever I have learnt or solved.

As for those of you who might not know, TIL a.k.a stands for Today I Learned and what I really liked about it is that there isn't any barrier that stops you from writing a short article and that was the one thing that motivated me to write something on my blog.

Has it helped it you?

Yes, it did help me in two ways.

Professionally, it has motivated me to learn more about my field and share my knowledge about whatever I learned while solving a particular problem or a tip that I found useful. The idea was likened to a personal StackOverflow repository that I would often revisit to refresh my memory.

Personally, it helped me reflect my values as a programmer and made me realize that there's a lot of things to learn out there and it's pretty much endless as there's always something to learn every single day. And yes, it helped me improve my writing abilities too.

Although, this article resides in a what I would call it as a "Technical blog", I guess, this applies to everyone who wants to refresh their writing productivity and help them get started back on the tracks again.

Hope you liked reading this article.

Stay tuned for more!