Published on March 23rd, 2019


Project Euler solutions

A collection of Project Euler solutions

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In order to get good at anything, not only at programming, it would require a good amount of practice. Three years ago, I started out solving Project Euler problems on C++ and Java for fun, which taught me how to write good code in short of amount of time.

However, you'll notice that I have written the solutions using Python as I wanted to improve my Python coding skills and yes, just to code for fun!

This blog article will have all the links available to everyone to learn from and understand the solutions and you can access it on my GitHub repository.

Solution code

In addition, I have created a math library module named, which contains all the mathematical functions that are used in every problem. I find it pretty useful as it allows me to re-use some of the functions instead of re-writing it for each solution.

Problem Link Solution Link

Hope you'll find these solutions to be useful!

Stay tuned for more!