Redragon K552 Kumara RGB Keyboard

Yes, I finally did it and bought myself a mechanical keyboard after tirelessly scrolling through Amazon and YouTube for a good keyboard that doesn't hurt my pocket in the long run.

What does it feel like?

Got it delivered yesterday and as I unboxed it, I noticed that the build quality is strong and it's quite a heavy keyboard that has around 18 RGB modes to spice things up a bit.

I got the one with the Outemu Red Switches (More like a Cherry MX Red clones) and since it's a linear switch, the typing experience is buttery smooth and not at all noisy. This should be good for typing in office environments or gamers who like to be fast while playing their favorite games.

Currently, I have one issue with it i.e. that keyboard is a bit high and it kind of tires my wrists after typing for longer sessions but I guess, it can be fixed with a wrist rest (Maybe, a nice wooden one 👀).

On my first try, the keys seemed a bit fast for me as I'm not really used to typing on linear switches, let alone, on a mechanical keyboard. But as of writing this article, I got my speed back up and I have been able to achieve around 75-80WPM.


Apart from that, I'm quite happy about this purchase and would definitely hope that it lasts longer until I get another mechanical keyboard.

If you are looking to buy this keyboard, I'd recommend you to give a shot and see it for yourself because I feel that every programmer deserves to type on a good keyboard.

Stay tuned for more content.