Sometimes, I write stuff about computers, math, technology & design.

  • Algorithms + Art

    The Circle Packing Algorithm

    08.12.2019 2 minutes read

    Implemented a mathematically beautiful generative pattern that looks deceivingly complex to the human.

  • Tutorial

    Deploy your Laravel app on Heroku

    29.11.2019 4 minutes read

    Learn how to deploy your Laravel application along with a database on Heroku.

  • Tutorial

    Getting started with Laravel Homestead

    16.11.2019 4 minutes read

    Wanted to install Laravel but scared of configuring files on your host operating system? This article is for you.

  • Tutorial

    Build your own Static Site Generator using Python

    27.10.2019 6 minutes read

    Are you curious enough to build your own Static Site Generator? This article is for you.

  • Update

    Migrating to Netlify

    14.09.2019 3 minutes read

    My thoughts on why I made the switch and how it improves my workflow.

  • Personal Challenge

    Minesweeper Clone

    06.09.2019 2 minutes read

    Wrote an old classic puzzle game using Javascript.

  • Tips

    Optimize your website performance

    25.07.2019 10 minutes read

    Sharing my experiences on website optimization.

  • Algorithms

    Build your own toy spellchecker

    19.07.2019 4 minutes read

    Wrote a simple toy spellchecker using C++ by taking inspiration from Peter Norvig's article.

  • Personal Challenge

    The 15 Puzzle Game

    22.06.2019 1 minute read

    A classical numbered puzzle that requires the player to place all the tiles in an ordered sequence.

  • Productivity

    Keep a programming journal using VIM and Bash

    26.04.2019 3 minutes read

    Become a better programmer by writing your own programming journal using VIM and Bash.

  • User Interface + User Experience

    Stripe's Scrolling Bubble Header

    06.04.2019 4 minutes read

    An insight into Stripe's interesting use of animated elements.

  • Algorithms

    Poker Hand Analyser in Python

    30.03.2019 3 minutes read

    An algorithm that parses a five-card poker hand and determines it's rank.

  • Programming

    Project Euler solutions

    23.03.2019 1 minute read

    A collection of Project Euler solutions

  • Review

    The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

    15.03.2019 3 minutes read

    A story about a young shepherd who starts his journey to chase his Personal Legend.

  • General

    Tools of the Trade

    08.03.2019 5 minutes read

    The tools that I use daily for work and personal uses.

  • Update

    Say Hello, New Blog

    01.03.2019 3 minutes read

    Everything from new updates to shifting to a static site generator.