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📅 2021

Is SELinux complicated?
On learning new technologies
How to create an ISO image from CDs/DVDs?
Truncate a file using redirection in Linux
How to identify which Linux distribution is running in your system?
Display list of files with their extension and file sizes
Dark/Light mode with CSS and JavaScript
View your wget progress even after closing your SSH session
How to use GitHub Personal Access Token to authenticate your git commits?
How to fetch a JSON object from an array of JSON objects by property value?
How to update values of a column from one table to another?
How to switch between integrated terminal and editor in Visual Studio Code?
Redirect from HTTP to HTTPS in Apache VirtualHosts
Quick Search for file in your workspace in Visual Studio Code
How to install Composer manually?
Prevent VIM from creating swapfiles
How to setup rsync with passwordless SSH on UNIX/Linux?
Render a simple RGB colored image in C++
One year of writing TIL articles
Understanding SPF, DKIM and DMARC protocols
Find directories created within a date range
Perform Git operations using path directory
Exclude directories while searching for a pattern in files
Fetch selected files from your remote repository
Find directories older than a specific date and sorted by size
How to change the character encoding of a file via Terminal?
How to perform mysqldump without a password prompt?
How to recover from an errorneous forced git commit?
How to resolve the "fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories" Git error?
Zip all files that are modified on a specific date
Get a list of directories with their sizes in the current directory
How to update your Git remote origin URL?
Convert numbers from English to Arabic in PHP
Convert string from snake case to camel case
Check if trait is being used in your class
How to resolve the issue of not receiving emails on the same domain?
Convert string to variable in PHP
How to resolve the "file_get_contents(): SSL operation failed" error
How to resolve the "Failed to clear cache. Make sure you have the appropriate permissions." error
How to exclude certain slugs in Laravel
Convert to date from timestamp using Carbon
Clearing cache on a Shared Hosting Server
Convert string to date using MySQL
Use MySQL 8.0 with Native Password Authentication
Create migrations and seeds from an existing database
Show Git branch in your Bash prompt (with colors)
Make your own generative pixel art in less than 100 lines of code
A little bit about myself
Built a new static site generator using Python 3.7

📅 2020

Resolve the "General error: 1835 Malformed communication packet" error
Find and remove duplicate lines using Regular Expressions
Use node-sass to minify your CSS
Create aliased class constants in Laravel
Rename a Git Branch
Import and Export MySQL database via Terminal
Concatenate multiple rows into one field
Find your Public IP address using the Terminal
Fix screen tearing in XFCE desktop environment
Clear a file directory using Filesystem in Laravel
How to move a running process to the background?
Get pagination data by page number
Resolve cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem on localhost
How to resolve the "No application encryption key has been specified" error
How to filter requests with errors on Chrome's DevTools
Enable HTTPS/SSL on WAMP Server
Accessing WAMP Server from other computers on LAN
Prevent loading a webpage from Back-Forward cache
Refresh browser window without query parameters
Input sanitization with PHP
Extract unique characters from a string
Increase execution time in PHP
Increase memory limit in PHP
Do we really need to use pointers?
Hello, Go!
How to delete files inside a zip file?
Find the difference between two arrays
How to duplicate tables in MySQL?
Find the number of uppercase and lowercase letters in a string
Replace all occurrences found on a string using Regular Expressions
Create a unique multidimensional array using a key index
Extract YouTube Channel ID from URL
Using zipcloak to encrypt files within an archive
How to cache your queries on your Laravel application?
Looping infinitely around an array
Enable HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
Forcing HTTP to HTTPS redirect after enabling SSL
Enable copy-paste clipboard in URxvt Terminal Emulator
Configuring audio drivers in Arch Linux
Troubleshoot time-related SSL errors on secure websites
Transfer files remotely using SCP
How to manually configure your WiFi on Arch Linux?
Add search functionality to your static site
Read and Write JSON to a file in Python
Build a menu tree using recursion
Using default function parameters in Internet Explorer
How to identify the current target of an event?
Allow inline elements in CKEditor
Check if the current route exists before fetching it's parameters
Queues & Stacks
Launched a microblog site
Select all elements except the current element
Extract a specific folder from a zipped archive
Remove patterns from multiple files
Rename extensions of multiple files
Create a symbolic storage link
Including and excluding files in zip
Find a file by extension
Check branch status
Enable spellcheck
View hardware info
Quit VIM
Check Ubuntu version
Save a file
Using SSH with a private key
Set up reCaptcha in Laravel
Clear all lines
Find files containing specific text
View the filesize in human-readable format
Zip a file
Insert mode
Check RAM and disk space
Symbolic storage link in shared hosting
Integrate Excel into your Laravel project
View battery status
Set up a new repository
Checkout branch
Writing a book on how to build ReactJS applications
Using Laravel events and listeners in your application